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Practice Areas

I have focused my practice on litigation. 

I strive to assist clients, both individuals and businesses, to maneuver the complexities of law.

Personal Injury


I handle not only complex motor vehicle accidents involving tractor trailers and common motor carriers, but also handle simple automobile accidents and other personal injury cases which do not necessarily involve vehicles, as well as, bus accidents, taxi cab cases, and cases involving general negligence. 

L​GBT Legal Issues

I have found that the laws in the State of Georgia are not designed to help the LGBT community and, in fact, are designed in some instances to discriminate against them.  I believe that their is a need for legal help within the LGBT community not only involving interactions with the Court but also in other areas such as business agreements, partnerships agreements, and even assisting in criminal matters in order to protect certain civil liberties that are not always afforded to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.  


Driving in the State of Georgia is a privilege, not a right.  Georgia has a two step process for individuals who are accused of drunk driving.  In order to protect your rights and keep your license you must request an administrative hearing with the Department of Drivers Services (DDS) within ten (10) days of your arrest.  Failure to do so can result in a license suspension.  In addition to an administrative hearing, clients will also have to handle their case through the Courts.  

I have handles numerous DUI cases over the years and have been successful in assisting client retain their driving privileges.  

Wills and Estates

I  am experienced with drafting wills and with estate planning, and have extensive experience with the probate courts.  I believe that solid estate planning provides a good foundation and provides  protection for families, business partnerships, and for domestic partners.  

Criminal Litigation

​My litigation background affords me an opportunity to assist clients in criminal and traffic court cases.  I  have been involved in numerous criminal cases throughout Metro Atlanta and am familiar with the criminal courts and criminal procedure.  

Business Litigation​​​

​I represent a number of businesses in Metro Atlanta.  In addition to drafting contracts, leases, business agreements, operating agreements, partnerships and purchase/sale agreements, I also serve as general counsel for corporate clients and small businesses.

Representative clients include:
Delray & Associates Antiques, LLC
K-9 Coach / Bed & Bark

LABELS Resale Boutique, LLC
Bella Bag, LLC

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